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Kendall and Wall customer using the lift to get off the boat
Ernest Thomas II along the Stafs and Worcs Canal
Ernest Thomas II narrow boat moored
Ernest Thomas II main cabin
Engelberg NResidential Home trip



The maximum number of passengers that can be carried is twelve. Where applicable this includes carers or youth leaders. No exceptions

Anyone using the boat should be aware of our Safeguarding Policy (click to view)

Because of space limitations the maximum number of wheelchairs that can be carried is four. Electric wheelchairs, because of their weight, cannot be taken on board. Electric wheelchair users should transfer to a normal wheelchair. The maximum wheelchair width is 28 inches.

It is advisable that all non-swimmers under the age of sixteen should wear life-jackets. These are carried on board and supplied for your trip

Although we attempt to follow the route requested, operational difficulties may dictate that an alternative will have to be accepted

Smoking or vaping is not allowed on board the boat

Time of return is approximate and is dependent on other canal traffic

Any person wilfully damaging any part of the boat will be put ashore by the skipper and charged for any repairs

You are reminded that some parts of canals can be dangerous, particularly on the side of locks, especially when someone is behaving irresponsibly

No offensive weapons may be brought onto the boat

The skipper is in overall charge of the boat at all times and his/her instructions, particularly in respect of safety, must be observed. The hirer is responsible for the passengers.

Cooking facilities, a coolbox, china and cutlery are available on board and may be used by hirers. You should bring drinks, tea, coffee etc plus tea towels and hand towels with you.

Please observe these notes and have a safe and enjoyable trip.